Recovery: How I keep myself Clean & Sober

This is how I keep myself clean and sober. I tell myself everyday that Recovery is how I want to live my life. I’m proud of my Recovery and never want to give it up, even when the urges to use arise. I tell myself when the prompt/craving to use manifests, “you don’t really want to partake in using, you know how hard you will be on yourself, you know how much shame and guilt you will feel for cheating on yourself and putting your one and only body temple through yet more abuse.” I tell myself to remember how hard those first few weeks of sobriety were. I remind myself that I am powerless once I give in to that “only one drink” and the drunkard demons within me take the steering wheel of this vessel from my Higher Power after that first sip. I tell myself to remember that once I take that first sip my Higher Power is no longer in control. This keeps me choosing Recovery over using. This keeps me clean and sober. 


Recovery: Nourishing to relieve BPD symptoms and damage done by addiction

Before commenting your contrary diet beliefs, think about this, I base my diet upon scientific proof provided by Dr. Weston A Price, a dentist who traveled the world looking at diets of isolated native cultures, and studied why their teeth were so perfect when the standard in America was deformed tooth/jaw structure and tooth decay were the norm and rampant in the western world. He noticed that the isolated culture’s diets had commonalities that were responsible for their hardy health, strong immune systems, strong bodies and perfect teeth, with out any dental or medical care whatsoever. This diet stands the test of time. So I don’t want to hear about how my diet choices are “wrong” because they work for me and SO many others! If you don’t like this post, scroll on please! I’m sharing what IS working for me and my family. ‘Nourishing Traditions’ by Sally Fallon is my Nutrition Bible, because it’s based on time proven results, not fads.

Nourishing myself to Vibrant Health, Mind/Body/Soul/Emotions.

Home Fresh nongmo Eggs
Bacon… because bacon, lol
Pancakes with immunity syrup (Elderberry, Blackberry, Molasses, Corn Syrup and Maple Syrup)
and Sweetmeats/Organ meats from my last rabbit harvest! Mmm! Liver, kidneys and hearts sauteed in bacon grease!

 How are you nourishing yourself today?


Recovery: Mindfulness Eating

I am an enthusiastic believer in the saying: “Let Thine Food Be Thine Medicine” – Hypocrates. And in my Recovery finding ways to eat my medicine is making me feel amazing body/mind/emotions! DBT emphasizes eating nutrient dense healthy foods, since what we eat does effect our emotions! Here are some healthy food choices I am enjoying on my path to recovery. The hubz and kids love it too! Well…. some of it, LMAO!

Breakfast, bacon (from the store, we plan on getting pigs this spring), homegrown eggs, and from scratch pancakes (made with nongmo flour), all cooked up on my trusty cast iron pans… ❤
Afternoon snack- Elderberry syrup stirred into some plain Greek yogurt… YUM! All the kids liked this one… Tim, not so much, lol! He ate it though, cuz he’s a good boy and knows what’s good for him… LMAO. Elderberry is an immunity boosting berry that we grow on our homestead. And we all know Greek yogurt is full of probiotics, that are great for digestion.
Gage and I enjoyed these sweet meats! Rabbit liver, hearts and kidneys cooked in bacon grease… mmmm so tasty. Nutrient powerhouses.

Recovery: Self Care & Nourishment

Here are some of the things I am doing in my Recovery to practice self love and care, each morning. This video I’m sharing is a wonderful effective energy clearing practice/meditation that really refreshes and protects my energy.

This is my sweet amazing SiStar, Shea Leona (, she is my sponsor and Spiritual Guide. She is wise, gifted, kind and helps me feel empowered to make real desired change in my inner and outer worlds. I can’t say enough or even express in words how much I appreciate having her in my life! Thank you darling Shea Leona! ❤ Anyway, lol, this video is my little go to in the mornings to refresh my energy and start each day of my Recovery in a wonderful place energetically!

Some other ways I am nourishing my body/mind/soul is through making myself healing herbal teas, and eating soaked flax & chia seeds to increase my intake of Omega-3’s and other good nutrients. Then being mindful to avoid certain foods that are overly processed, full of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and other ingredients like MSG or Aspartame, those are “no-no’s”, I can’t say it enough, Please Read Labels! I’m a big advocate of Stevia, and grow my own and use it every day instead of sugar. (Alcoholics would do well to be mindful of sugar as it causes lots of problems) Also, planning and making meals that are nutrient dense, like using bone broths, herbs and spices to cultivate a powerful foundation of vibrant health.


Advantages Of BPD . . . Lets Look At The Positives For A Change!

BPD Has it’s positive side, peeps! It’s not all bad, spread the word! ❤

I have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder for 3 years now, through all the suffering and the pain and the constant emotional battle, I rarely hear anyone saying anything positive regarding  BPD.

Although all of us have different traits and personalities, and traits of some borderlines with be the complete opposite of another…. but maybe we  aren’t like this for no reason?

What positive aspects can you pull from your BPD?

An animals ability to adapt to its environment is probably the single biggest factor in its survival. For me, aspects of BPD seem like they stem from a sort of ultra adaptability.

I am the type of person who can really do anything, and I usually do it pretty well.
I’ve worked so many different jobs, tried so many different hobbies, started so many different businesses and helped many others do the same. I feel like that is partly because…

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Doing the Work!



  1. the art of investigating or discussing the truth of opinions.

    synonyms:discussion · debate · dialogue · logical argument · reasoning ·

  2. inquiry into metaphysical contradictions and their solutions.
Dialectic is to balance of two seemingly opposing truths. In this case, finding a balance between my Logical Mind and my Emotional Mind, to enter into and use my Wise Mind.
Today I’m learning Mindfulness Skills, what are Mindfulness Skills?
  • Mindfulness is a quality of attention, awareness and presence you bring to everyday life.


How do you Practice Mindfulness?

What Skills – What you do to practice?

  • Observe (facts with out adding “good” or “bad”)
  • Describe (facts with out adding “good” or “bad”)
  • Participate (Fully

How Skills – How do you practice?

  • Non-Judgmentally
  • One-Mindfully
  • Effectively


Just some of the outline stuff I’m working on with my DBT Skills practice. I’ve been studying and practicing what I’m learning going on 20 days or so. And I am truly amazed at the difference learning and using these skills has made in my everyday life!

*Possible Trigger Warning*
I just wanted to share that one of the things I was worried about upon choosing to enter into my long term recovery (24 days sober!!), was my sex life might suffer. I always felt more confident in my abilities as a lover when I was drunk (was able to overcome bpd thoughts that hindered my enjoyment more easily when drunk). So I worried that I would clam up and not enjoy sex as much sober. However, with my mindfulness training (using dbt) I’ve applied what I’m learning in this area as well, and WOWZA! Even better than when I was drunk! YES! Super win! ❤ And I’m only just getting started with these skills!
Loving Recovery more and more everyday!! 

Recovery Day 20: Update on how I’m doing

I think I am finally past the detox phase of my recovery! Just coming to the end of day 20! No more waking up covered in sweat and not being able to fall back asleep at 3am! Yay! Now I’m sleeping in till 4 or 5am, with out the sweat puddles! LOL! I’m loving my early mornings, quiet me time before anyone else gets up… free time to study my DBT skills, or read Recovery Materials  #BlessedRecovery

I’m feeling amazing, have lost at least 5 to 10 pounds, am full of energy and am loving my brains in clarity mode! I was worried about gaining weight since I quit smoking, so I’m pleasantly surprised at the results so far. I’m feeling more and more like my true self lately, and my relationship with my hubz and kids has improved dramatically! YAY Recovery! ❤